Friday, October 27, 2017

08Romeo, The Hangar Life

landing at KMIV 4 years ago (photo by Joe Clemente)

I received an email from the airport manager that hangar buildings F and G taxiway is reopened and we can return to our hangars. Yea!

I finished work in Lewes and hauled butt home making a brief stop at the house to pick up my gate access card and airplane keys.  I told Mary I would pick up dinner on the way home, be back soon, and out the door I ran. OK. Walked fast.

Indeed the barricades were all gone and there was a base line stripe leading the way home....follow the yellow stripe home....follow the yellow stripe home. Follow Follow.....the tune is now stuck in my head. I removed the sun shades and literally threw them in the baggage compartment. Nose plugs were out, pitot tube cover still attached and I taped over the top cowl vents and vac air intake ports on each side, 08Romeo was getting a bath.

With several shots of primer misting in the cylinders 08Romeo started right up. I taxied to the closest hangar that still had a hose attached to the water bib handle/spout and shut down. Scrub a dub dub, 08Romeo is in the tub. I had my long handle brush and Meguiars car wash liquid gold, there were suds and water everywhere.  The wind didn't help matters but I could care less, my plane was going to be clean again.


With the excavation for the pile caps completed yesterday there was no work scheduled for today. I had thoughts of flight time but I really wanted to do a quick detail to put some shine on 08Romeo and get the interior dressed up.

I used a combo of super fine polishing compound followed by a coat of Meguiars cleaner then another coat of Meguiars wax.  The two months of ramp oxidation melted away and I could once again see 08Romeo's red stripes sparkle. The poor tail fin and beacon looked like they were on some abandoned plane they looked so bad.  I got the colors to pop back to life and looked like the loved airplane birthday girl she is.  Yes, 08Romeo turns 37 today.

Here are a few pics after the bath and detailing.

The interior clean up required door panel removal followed by fresh paint and leather cleaning.

First I had to empty the door pockets...yikes!

I have scheduled a spa day with CAVU Aircraft Detailing for the first week in November. Ivan will get the white to pop and make 08Romeo really shine, he does an excellent job. I'm ready for some flight time this weekend, tomorrow we FLY!

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