Saturday, October 28, 2017

Crossing the Delaware Bay

The plan today was to get up early and fly for breakfast.  Mary is still down with a migraine so today would be a solo flight.  Once the zoo was taken care of and my bride comfortable I headed to the airport. 08Romeo needed some fuel and took on 14 gallons to bring the total back to 50.
The restaurant at Millville was closed so I headed to Cape May.  The Flight Deck was packed with customers which is always a good sign. I didn't bump into anyone I knew so I enjoyed breakfast at a window table and got on my way as soon as I finished.

Here are todays videos and pictures, just keeping the write up short so I can get ready for Penn State football.
Great tail winds! 100 knots indicated, 141 Ground Speed
A fun hop today for some breakfast eats. We have bad weather coming in this evening through Sunday with 50mph winds. I'm relieved to have 08Romeo safe in her hangar. Now on to Penn State Football!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the PSU ending gave you some heartburn. It did for me...

KIOW flyer

Gary said...

Yes, our Mastiff went in another room with my bride and the cats dispersed. There I was watching a gassed PSU team get run over by the Buckeyes D-Line that was just dominating. There's always hope for next week.