Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Bits and Pieces

The Supervisor
Off to the airport this morning to get a few odd jobs done at the hangar.  I received my color coded toggle covers last week and they just didn't fit.  That will not be the end of this want. I brought along a hair dryer and heated each cap until I could stretch it over the toggle. It took some coaxing but I completed the project.

Next on my list was the install of LED navigation lights. I really liked the LED's I installed on 08Romeo so I used the same product and completed that task. I forgot to take pictures. Here is a shot from the online catalog of the LED's and clear lenses I also installed. 
Once finished up with the plane, I loaded up Ziva girl for the ride home.  I did give some thought to an ice cream stop but figured I would wait and ask the ladies if they wanted some after dinner. With everything picked up and the Batteryminder plugged back in I headed home. 
Got up to see the Pilatus PC12 roll out
When I arrived I saw a few packages sitting on the steps, two for Mary and one for me.  My new grease fitting caps were here.  Tomorrows project!

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