Sunday, December 20, 2020

2020 Year In Review

By The Numbers

Total Time   1391.1
ASEL 2020      54.9
Complex        54.9/122
Cross Country  24.7/852
Sim Instrument  5.7/130
Instrument      0/36.5
PIC            54.9

New Airports - 4

N81Hammonton Municipal Airport in Hammonton, New Jersey
KMTVBlue Ridge Airport in Martinsville, Virginia
KMTN- Martin State in Baltimore, Maryland
N30 - Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Flights of Note

Mary and I welcomed summer to OCMD with a fun local flight followed by lunch and refreshments at the Sunset Grille.
I decided to meet up with the Beech Aero Club for their lunch fly-in into Martinsburg, WV. 
BAC Beef
It was a North East Flyers breakfast meet up and I had the chance to meet up with my friend Jeff (Frey Family)from Michigan who was in the area visiting family.
Another Northeast Flyers meet up, and a new airport at Cherry Ridge in Honesdale, PA. It was great to catch up with fellow pilot and blogger Chris H (Photographic Logbook). Chris and I have been talking about catching up and we finally did it, now we need to get Steve to meet up. Maybe a new goal for 2021.

I also had the pleasure of flying with Vince G. If you follow my blog you know Vince and I flew many hours together in my Sundowner, Zero Eight Romeo. It was really fun logging time with Vince, I have missed our weekend flights.
L-R - Gary, Rob, Bob, Bret, Lori, Dale, Chris, Vince
Thanksgiving is upon us and Mary and I hosted our friends Mark and Candy. We had a great time, sharing good food, friendship, watching our dogs interact, and the men went flying. Mark and I knocked out multiple approaches to each extend our instrument currency
I was happy to fly with my friend and fellow pilot Charles G.  Charles was in town on business, and he set aside some time to fly.  We headed over to Delaware Coastal and had lunch after he shot the GPS 22 approach by hand.
I decided to torture myself and run the numbers on a cost per hour for my flight time this year. Here is the spreadsheet of shame.
I am looking forward to more fly time in 2021. Mary and I have plans to head west and get back to our typical travels, meeting new people, and exploring new destinations.


Chris said...

I am hoping for a much more interesting year for all us in 2021! But it was great to see you at Cherry Ridge. I got to see you, Jeff, and Steve on different days this year,which was great, but it would be even better if we could pull off a simultaneous meet-up.

Merry Christmas to you and Mary!

Gary said...


Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year to you and your family!

It was fun finally catching up, I hope the next meet isn't so long in between. Maybe in 2021 we can all meet up, although I'm not sure who this Steve guy is that you speak off. ;) It sure would be nice to catch up with Steve and meet his youngins.

Chris said...

I had breakfast with him back in February, so I can confirm that he still exists!

Steve said...

I do still exist, really!

Tiny humans have led to a serious pause in the blogging, unfortunately. But I've kept flying, which is the important bit.

Would love to figure out a meetup sometime this year. For real this time. :)