Tuesday, December 22, 2020

3 Tango Charlie, Spa Day

It wasn’t the best day for a spa treatment but if the rain held off Ivan could get 3TC washed and dried. I was at the airport at 8am and Ivan was waiting, in his truck, for me to open the hangar. 
I quickly opened the hangar and got to  uncovering, and unplugging the preheat set up. In my rush I forgot to disconnect the battery minder. Thankfully, Ivan reminded me just as I was powering up the tug to pull the plane on to the ramp.  With Ivan ready to get started, I headed out to run a few errands and make a stop at the house. The oil sample taken at Sussex Aero needed to be transferred to a Blackstone kit and sent off in the mail. With the sample secure I headed back to the hangar to grab a sample kit from my tool box, knowing I would have to gather the info back at the house to complete the process. I needed to review my log book for engine serial number, time since overhaul and the time on the oil sample.

While I was back at the hangar I helped dry off the plane using my synthetic chamois. The synthetic chamois is the best for drying your car, cleaning water spots off windows, and yes, drying the plane too. It was good exercise and it made me appreciate all the work Ivan puts into detailing an aircraft.

For me it was time to get out of Ivan's way and let him perform his magic. I headed back to the house and filled out the info and prepared the oil sample to ship.

I wanted to post a few pictures after checking out the finished job on 3 Tango Charlie. Mary and I headed over to the airport this morning to let Ziva run and have a look at the plane. I thought Ivan did a beautiful job, and Mary was even impressed with the shine. 


Chris said...

Nice shine! I wish there was a similar service in my area, because while I do it myself, it’s a lot of work!

Gary said...

Thanks! It’s worth it not to have to crawl around and work this beat up body. Besides, Ivan uses the best products to clean and polish. Sometimes I just have to write the check.