Thursday, December 03, 2020

EATS! Breakfast at Cambridge, KCGE

Last night I turned on 3 Tango Charlies pre-heats and planned for an early flight for breakfast.  My bride had a zoom meeting and I thought it best to bug out of the home office and get some fly time.  Initial plan was to fly to Easton,  KESN, then I made a change in flight for Cambridge since they had cheaper fuel, if I decided to top off.  

I tugged the plane out and climbed aboard to get the fan turning, which would help bring my oil temps all the way into the green range. The runway of choice was three-two which gave me a chance to check on the coyote status.  I think the birds are wise to him and have dive bombed him a time or two.  Poor coyote was playing possum.  

Traffic was pretty much non-existent this morning, but for one Cessna doing pattern work.  I climbed out a bit quicker then normal this flight with a lighter crew and fuel load.  I was heading out with thirty-four gallons on board, and todays round trip would be about an hour, so I was good to go.  The flight was smooth and relaxing.  The weather was perfect, clear, and visibility unlimited 'CAVU'.  
The little bit of traffic I heard was from other airports sharing the same frequency as Cambridge. I made my calls and set up to land on runway three-four since winds were calm. I rolled it on and taxied for the terminal, there was not another plane on the ramp. I pulled up to the terminal and I did see a citation all buttoned up as if it was there for a spell, sitting just outside the terminal doors. 
I secured my ride and headed for the restaurant. As I walked up to the terminal I could smell breakfast cooking. I already knew what I wanted, eggs and scrapple.  When the waitress took my drink order, sweet tea in the mason jar, I added my breakfast order at the same time. The service was excellent, I was the only one there. 
With a full tummy I headed for the ramp and to give my ride a once over.  Hot starts have not been a problem since I had the mag replaced and 3 Tango Charlie fired up on a few blades. I forgot to turn on the main camera until in cruise but its all about flying the plane first. I had one aircraft cross my path, 12 o'clock high, I always wanted to use that line. 
I did get a screen shot but the A10 Warthog was already past. The rest of the ride was quiet and I let down for Ocean City with a slow and steady pace. My flight path had me fall right into the left down wind for runway three-two.  I got some nice footage of Assateague Island with the wing camera as I continued in for final. I made the first taxiway and called clear to end my morning flight. 3 Tango Charlie is back in her nest, plugged in and covered with her moving blankets, awaiting the next mission.

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