Friday, December 11, 2020

Beach Flight & 441 Update

Early this morning, around 3am, I decided to turn on my pre-heats for a morning flight.  May as well take a nature break and text the Switchbox. I headed to the hangar around ten and chatted with Ivan (CAVU) who was working his magic on another aircraft at Ocean City.

The plan was to fly up the beach from Ocean City Maryland to Rehoboth Beach and Cape Henlopen, the view never gets old.  If I needed more time I planned on turning towards Delaware Coastal for one full stop landing then home.  There was little traffic today as I climbed away from Ocean City. 

The best route was departing on the base for runway three-two and then heading north over the Isle of Wight Bay, and the Assawoman Bay to get me to the Delaware State Line. Once into Delaware it's the Little Assawoman Bay, Indian River Bay, and the Rehoboth Bay.  Plenty of water, not many boats today.

I ended up just making the out and back to Cape Henlopen on the mouth of the Delaware Bay.  On the return trip I took a picture of a section of the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal.  The canal ends up in the Rohoboth Bay. 
Traffic was nonexistent for the flight and I had one aircraft to contend with on the return to Ocean City.  A Beech C90 King Air, 5 Kilo November.  The King air made their calls and I ended up passing over midfield and once south circled back for the runway.  I had still planned on runway three-two, instead I switched up for a straight in one-four.  The winds were variable and about seventy degrees off the nose from the right.  I crabbed in and made a nice landing, happy to have logged some flight time on a beautiful day

Cessna 441 Update
When I arrived at the airport I saw activity around the 441.  So me being nosy, I had to stop and ask when she’ll be ready to fly.  The crew said possibly today if not hopefully tomorrow, they are waiting on a ferry permit. I wished them well and I hope I get to see her climb back in the air. 

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