Thursday, August 10, 2006

Club Potential...

Today I swapped emails with a pilot/owner that has an opening in a 4 person "club" arrangement. Mary and I are giving some thought to joining this club. Some of the info is as follows:

The minimum monthly base dues are $350.00 per month per member, which reserves the member to 4 hours of Hobbs time flying. Variable fee, if applicable shall be calculated by hours of usage over and above the base of four hours will require additional dues at the rate of $87.50 per Hobbs hour. Dues shall include all operating costs including fuel, oil, maintenance, insurance, and engine / prop reserves. Partial hours will be prorated to the 1/10-hour based on Hobbs reading.

NO person may fly Club aircraft without a current and valid medical and pilotÂ’s certificate, nor may they do so unless they possess a current and valid Annual checkride signed off by a CFI.

Each member shall be required to pass at least one check flight every twelve (12) months with a CFI, and insure that the owner or his agent receives all updated information for insurance purposes and the Clubs membership database.

Each member who has not flown during the preceding ninety (90) days shall have a check flight with a CFI to establish currency.

This gorgeous piper is hangared near our home, and with only a few pilots the availability should be very good. We also thought that this "club" will give us a glimpse of ownership if we pay attention to all the details. I want to review the documents and do some reading on the AOPA web pages before committing to this venture. Mary and I would also like to get some time in the flight schools piper in order to get a feel for what's in store.

More "Club" news to follow.....

On another note, I am flight planning for a short hop to KCXY Capitol City in Harrisburg, PA for this Sunday so that Mary and I can visit with my Cousin and his family. The local wx guru is calling for a great day and I hope he gets it right. We will post pictures and a review when we return.

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