Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sign us up....

Today Mary and I took some time to visit with the owner of N28679 the PA28-181 Archer II. Gary is a very nice man, he seemed pretty laid back and a real plus for general aviation. He encouraged me to obtain the IFR and commented on what a nice platform this aircraft will provide. I think the most impressive thing was the absence of the "My plane" phrase. In fact, Gary repeatedly stated that as a club member it's your aircraft and that's the way he wants us all to treat it.

I am checking into a CFI based at ILG to fly six seven niner for the minimum 10 hours before taking it up alone. I have 9 to go......heck I may just bag a days work and go on a cross country with my CFI or another from the school I got my license at.

Both radios have been replaced, one with a new garmin 300XL and the other I can't remember. The AP is tied to both HI heading bug and the 300XL GPS, so that's a cool feature. The annual is scheduled for November and I already offered to help in any way. I figure may as well learn all I can, Mary and I may be owners sooner then we think. We discussed the fuel arrangements at the home airport and away from home. We also talked about how everyone logs time and the online scheduling system that I already have access to.

Overall a great trip to ILG this afternoon. I also managed to hear the aircraft I rent at Brandywine doing T&G's (N2746C) here at ILG on runway 27 ....I guess she was checking up on me or giving the nod of approval.

Upcoming flights are in the works for a fly into KAIY Bader Field and trip to Wilkes-Barre just to let Mom and pop know I did it, I have my license. I wish they both were still here to share my dream come true but I guess they really do know. Heck, Pop's picture was taped to my knee board the day of my checkride.....I needed all the extra strength I could get!!

Mary and I will update as soon as we are flying the club plane or schedule a flight with one of the school planes. Blue skies....

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