Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Plan for Mid Atlantic Regionals

The planning is underway for a trip to watch the Delaware State Champions Naamans Little League play in the Mid Atlantic tournament in Bristol, CT. I located an airport just 5-10 minutes from the fields, what a good deal! We, my brother and I,will be flying into 4B8 Robertson Field. After a discussion with the FBO (Interstate Aviation, Inc.), I will be able to take the "curtesy vehicle" for two hours or so to watch the game then return. Of course a top off of the tank and nice tip is in order, Thanks Brian!

Here is the tentative plan...

Approximately 1.5 hours door to door, depending on the winds that morning. I am planning on 5500' with flight following if ATC is not to busy. I will update when we return with any and all photos of flying and the baseball action!!

Aircraft reserved at TAS, I just hope the weather holds.

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