Monday, September 24, 2007

Myrtle Beach Time

It was a fun Monday once Mary and I got our days squared away. I got up early trying to catch the sunrise. I made the mistake of crawling back into bed for just a few more winks, I missed it. Oh well, we headed out for breakfast at the Spring House Restaurant and then made a stop at the local Rite Aid for a six pack of water and a few snacks for the Tuesday flight home.

We continued to explore this morning and we eventually found the Palace Theater and tonight's dinner location. Mary spotted a Phillips Seafood Restaurant and we noted the cross street and it's close proximity to the theater. Mary just reminded me that it is NOT walking distance from the Dunes,like the person who took our reservation stated.

We headed back and got ready for the beach, Mary packed a bag (snacks,water,sun screen and towels) I walked to the life guard tower and rented two chairs and an umbrella for $30 a day, what a country. Mary cooked herself in the sun to a delightful crispy bronze while I enjoyed the sights...insert smirk. Two funnies from the beach, one child obviously a future plumber walked around showing everyone his baby plumbers butt crack and the other child about a year old learning to walk. This little tyke was throwing those feet out, high stepping, then in one motion would keel over and hit the ground crawling on all fours. I told Mary it looked like the lady was walking a little dog.

I headed back to the room around 1:30 and tracked down a friend that I grew up with from my neighborhood. Yes, there was a time when people knew their neighbors and all got along as one big family. Mary wandered in as I was talking to my friends parents, it was so great just to hear their voices. Anne's Mother was always a sweetheart, the best sense of humor and her Dad with a voice of authority,not loud but always well spoken and respected. We chatted for a bit about family and quickly tried to catch up the years on both sides. We exchanged phone numbers and I left Anne a message to contact me on her cell phone. Mary and I headed to the airport to pay our fuel bill and check on 679er sitting at the ramp. Mary said I (meaning me) can't wait to fly home. I explained that flying for me was like her love for the beach and she understood.

As we walked into Phillips for dinner I was working on the mental menu. Knowing I would be flying in the am I indulged on my favorite southern treasure,Sweet tea. Mary enjoyed white wine with her dinner. Appetizers consisted of steamed clams and shrimp cocktail,both delicious. We both ordered Lobster, Mary had red potato's mashed with garlic and I had red beans and rice.

We met with Anne from the old neighborhood prior to entering the Palace Theater. Anne and I hugged, it was so special to see her again. At least she validated the stories I told Mary about me and my sister Denise (the perfect child) My sister NEVER got in trouble while I was the one getting a butt whoppin' for something (usually deserved). We took a few pictures and vowed to catch up when we return in November for our anniversary. Many good memories shared and reminders of when times were different,in a good way.

After my walk down memory lane Mary and I entered the theater to watch the show Le Grand Cirque. What a performance, displays of strength,skill and balance along with fantastic showmanship. The show lasted maybe two hours with a brief twenty minute intermission. We headed back to our hotel and talked about watching more shows at home at the local theater/playhouse.

After finally getting settled in, I began to plot our course home, deciding on a stop at KJGG, Williamsburg-Jamestown for lunch. JGG will be a two hour hop from Myrtle Beach and that will leave the last leg for one hour and a half.

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