Monday, September 17, 2007

Flight Plan Taking Shape

Leg 1, KILG-SBY-CCV-KPHF. It looks like the weather is going to be a partner for this trip. Mary and I have been watching the wx since last week. Ok Mary is bored with the wx but she humors me very nicely knowing how important the forecast is for our flight. I've been following patterns and checking the forecast starting at least 10 days out.

Our first time into Newport News/Williamsburg International. We will tie down at Rick's Aviation and hop a shuttle to our hotel adjacent to the airport. Two days in Newport News then we're off on Leg 2 - KPHF-ECG-RBX KFFA-W95. A fly by First Flight for some photos then follow the outter Banks to Ocracoke (W95) . Mary and I will spend some time enjoying lunch and walking the beach. We will saddle up for Leg 3- W95 around the R5306A area to VPGIO-KAOJ-CRE. If the Restricted area is cold that will turn us south west towards the New Bern VOR (EWN) then to Grand Strand KCRE, saving time and fuel. Once 679er is secure with Ramp 66 we'll get checked into the Dunes. We can't wait to kick back and relax for a few days. We plan on a late afternoon departure for our last leg home KPHF-KILG.

Once home we will make the rounds to gather the zoo until everyone is reunited and settled in. I will be checking on the transponder tomorrow and ordering fuel for 679er. Is it Friday yet???

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