Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mary has a birthday

Today is Mary's birthday !!! Mary's folks wanted to take her out to dinner with the family so off we went to a well known local place called Harry's Savoy Grill. Great food! This is also the place we were married and held our reception.

I was torn between a few gifts, the things us men really do listen to and a few other ideas that I had. Well, Friday afternoon I decided it was going to be diamonds so I purchased 3/4 carat 'H' color grade diamond stud earrings. She loved them and I got an "atta boy"!

We are still planning on our trip to Williamsburg, VA and Myrtle Beach, SC in the next few weeks so that has taken up some of our time. I am trying to tie up loose ends at work and get ready for the Bridge Deck repairs while Mary is settling in to her new job. We both need the vacation time, heck everyone needs vacation time!

I guess everyone is wondering what magic number she turns today......let me just say that she will always be 29 and holding for me. Happy Birthday Mary!!

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