Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hip Revision

Well, I broke down and finally went to the doctor this morning. Great guy, a pilot and member of the AOPA. I immediately went to x-ray for some updated pictures since the latest update I could provide was from 1988. Ok, so I don't go to see doctors or spend time in hospitals. The news was as expected, I'll need a 'revision' as it's called to replace my existing hip prosthesis. The stem has worked loose inside the femur and that is the major cause of pain when doing stairs or changing the weight bearing status.

I was pretty upbeat knowing full well what I would be told so it really came as no shock when I heard the words. I am going to meet with a specialist that does the revision surgery on March 2nd. I expressed a few concerns during the initial consultation this morning; I must pass my instrument check ride first(new target mid march) and second I must be able to make the flight to Gaston's in June. The instruments ticket wasn't a problem, that was on me but the June trip might be a bit harder to deal with since he said its a hard time getting in the Archer. Yes, the Doctor flys the Piper Cherokee line and has flown an Archer from time to time. He obtained his PPL at KPNE, North Philly.

More news as it happens, for now, study the PTS and hit the sim for some approaches! I did make a call to the flight school and talked with my CFII about getting finished up ASAP. I have a three hour session scheduled on the 28th then I may take a few days off to get ready for the "ride".


Rob said...

Wow. I knew you were having some pain and had talked about it briefly, glad to see that you are seeing a doc about it. Do you have to have the whole thing replaced? or is it an overhaul and fix of the current one. Maybe there's and STC for a titanium one!

Watch out for Yellow Tagged parts! :-) Ha Ha.

Gary said...

The part that is in the femur will be replaced and they will put a new liner in the cup/socket part of the hip joint.

Let's hope I knock out the check ride so I have enough recovery time for Gastons.

ddf said...

Getting old is really hard work. I just passed my 3rd Class medical and was worried about eyesight, weight, blood pressure etc. Just means we need to visit the doctors more often. I'm glad you can get this taken care of and you'll be back in the air quickly.

Gary said...


I have my medical due in July so I hope I get it all squared away. I have thought about holding off on the hip revision until after my medical.....we shall see!

By the way nice blog! I added your link.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh... about to have major surgery just as the good flying season starts. Well, it sounds like you have your priorities straight with Gastons and IFR check ride first. ;-)