Monday, May 04, 2009

Support From Friends

I was feeling pretty good today with hopes of knocking out all the stairs when the PT nurse eventually arrives, it doesn't take much to get me pumped up these days. Around lunch time Rob (Rob's Flying Adventure) called and asked if it was ok to stop in for a visit. We had all planned for a get together on Sunday, Brides included, but I was really feeling under the wx, heck, Saturday wasn't much better. I even kept family away I felt so rotten.

Rob logged our "ATC" communications on his web page as he made good use of the new GPS Jade approach. We spent some time hangar flying while he ate lunch and I waited to see what Mary was going to make when she got home. It was great to talk some shop, design and the construction end of it all, it keeps the brain working. We watched the wx on the tube, what else would two pilots want to watch? Rob's is scheduled to fly safety pilot for Lee on Wednesday evening which should be a blast. It's always a learning experience to watch another pilot and if they are shooting approaches it's even better. Rob finished up his Wawa Italian Hoagie, it smelled good. I had tuna salad and some ice tea, I'm working on shedding some weight. I got on the scale last Thursday at the PCP's office and I was down seven pounds, it's a start.

Unfortunately Rob had to head back to work and I had to deal with the PT nurse. If it wasn't for the fact that I was going to do all the stairs and practice getting in and out of my bed I may have tried to stow away. It was a great visit and Rob had me laughing. The pilots Mary and I met have been so supportive. Rob and his Bride Becky have offered so much support, it's truly appreciated, and we can only pass along a heart felt thank you for being there, for the both of us. Bob and Mackenzie came by for a visit, I've received emails of well wishes, pm's for updates and requests for our Wings Fly B Q status on May 16th. The flying community is a great bunch of people that we are lucky to be involved with.

How did the Physical Torture go? I made all the steps, completed all the exercises, some how wiggled in and out of bed and made my way down all the stairs back to the family room. I will say that my blood Pressure was really good prior to my PT 118/70 and heart rate was 86 or 88. After I finished all the work out my heart rate was 109 or 119, I was to pooped to ask again. I was tired but I knew I had to make the circuit one more time, I was going to sleep in my bed tonight no matter what.


Rob said...

Glad to hear the torture went well and you are up and about. Good to stop in today and see you again. Keep up the hard work, and maybe soon I'll rent the C172SP to get you back in the air :-)

Gary said...

If I can get shoved in the cockpit I'm game for a ride!

Rob said...

with the side doors, we can get you a step to get you into the cockpit while having the seat pushed all the way back. I'll pull your shirt collar from the left side to drag you in. :-) Plus, I can land at KILG and Add Deleware to my map :-)

Steve said...

Some good 'ol I Follow Roads IFR, eh? Keep on makin the progress with PT Gary... you'll be feeling better in no time.