Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flight Plan KPSN-WV62-KILG

Texas Trip, Part II
No, This is not a recap of my previous Texas trip with Jeff to fetch 93Zulu, this is Texas Part II in order to bring our, new to us, 1980 Beech Sundowner 08Romeo home. Arrangements have been made for the pets, flight plans with US Scare are booked, hotel in Palestine is booked and the one way car rental from KIAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas - to the Palestine Hampton is booked. All bases are covered. It's now just a matter of getting paper work completed and processed and cutting the funding loose.
I can't wait to fly! It should be a fun adventure and Mary will get a glimpse of what retirement will be like for us hopping around the country. We do have a goal of attending the Pilots Of America Fly-In at WV62, Windwood Fly-In Resort Airport in Davis, West Virginia. We hope to make it in Friday but if not we'll spend the night in Murfreesboro, Tennessee then get up early and make the last few hour flight to the resort. We already have a room reserved so I'll just have to call and update.
The wx watch has started. Local wx departure forecast looks great for Thursday here in Delaware, mostly sunny, highs in the mid 60s. Friday's wx report for Palestine, Texas is calling for partly sunny with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs in the mid 80s. We may have to dodge a few as we leave Texas. According to today's winds aloft forecast the trip straight home to Delaware would be nine hours, I'll be happy to get a solid seven hours in Friday so we can check in at Windwood.
More to follow as I watch wx and work with the finance folks on closing the deal on the plane. The next critical step is reviewing the findings from the pre-buy inspection and taking care of any squawks. From that point it will be like turning final and getting ready to land......oh yeah, there is that pesky detail about Philadelphia Airport Security and the TSA wand and hand check......sigh....that stinks!


ddf said...

What a wonderful adventure! "Blue skies and tailwinds..."

Steve said...

Here's to hoping for great flying weather the whole way. :)

Rob said...

Awsome Gary,... looking forward to meeting up with you at Windwood. At your last fuel stop, give me a call to let us know if you are making WV62 friday or if we'll watch for you Saturday. Have a safe flight!