Sunday, September 06, 2009

Scrubby Bubbles

Bath Day for 679er ! As much as I wanted to fly today I decided to just get it over with and give 679er a good scrubbin' ! Whew, there was plenty of black stains from water and Dan our new club member decided to leave some Ocracoke beach on the floor, I know he was just trying to tease me. I got to the airport and uncovered then decided to hand tug 679er up to Red Eagle so I could use their hose. Let me tell you, it's warm out there and my new parts do indeed work as I lugged her behind me. One of my ramp neighbors came over to give me a hand the last forty feet or so.

I was maybe halfway finished when the same ramp neighbor came over to ask if I could help him out. I responded, Sure, no problem what do you need me to do. He had a dead battery but had the ground cable with jumpers on one end. He brought his car in and hooked everything up. Once he got the fan turning I walked up just in front of his right wing, keeping a good eye on how close I was to the prop area and unplugged the cable. I kept tight to the wing and backed away towing the cable with me. I gave him the thumbs up and motioned that he was clear of the car so he could taxi. He gave me a thumbs up and taxied out. I parked his car in the lot and locked it up, he has a spare key.
I walked back in and finished up with 679er, deciding to pass on a quick spray on wax job. I had the oldies blasting as I completed my mission and packed up the truck. It was much easier pushing 679er back to her tie down location, it's a gentle downhill. I locked up and placed the cover on, double checked the tie downs and ordered fuel for tomorrow. The bird is clean and we're ready for our Maine vacation.

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