Saturday, February 12, 2011

Charleston, The plan

Mary and I received an email from our good friends in McKinney Texas, Bo and Sandra (Flights of the Mouse). They were  providing a heads up that they will be in Charleston the end of March. The question was raised if our Florida keys trip would cross paths and maybe, if our timing was very good, we could catch up.  Mary and I are still working out the details for Florida and it's looking more like a mid to late April get-away.

After reading the email we sat and looked at each other and almost immediately in unison said lets take a long weekend and head to Charleston, scary when we think and talk alike. I have to ask myself what else does she know that's going on in my head....well if she can handle the view from my minds eye, go for it.

We've exchanged an email or two and details still need to be worked out but it looks like we can fly down on a Saturday, see the town and catch up Sunday when Bo & Sandra get in. We can checkout Monday or Tuesday, most likely Monday and make a late afternoon departure for home. All very very preliminary at this point but you know I'm already punching numbers and plotting our route with a halfway stop in there somewhere to discover a new airport or place to eat. 

Maybe if we left Friday night, after work, and make a stop in Williamsburg we can catch up with our friend Susan for dinner then launch early Saturday for Charleston. So many possibilities that would make this a fun weekend. More on this flight as we get closer to mid March.


Rustedgranny said...

Flying is fun, but there is something really exciting about planning a cross country flight. So many options, so many airports. I'm working on one for September so know just how excited you are. I'll be looking back to see which stops you choose, and why.

Gary said...

So much to check, FBO's, fuel prices and of course always monitor the wx. I can't wait to get home and complete the write up!

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