Friday, February 18, 2011

Mike's Lesson Prep

Mike and I hooked up for a quick flight tonight, 1.4 in the book.  Mike flew right seat and I played student as he worked through a few lesson plans and I knocked off some rust trying to prep for tomorrows rescue flight to Hanover VA.  We finished up the hop with Mike shooting two approaches, one GPS RWY 35 into KEVY - Summit and one ILS RWY 1 into Wilmington- KILG.

I took a half day off so I could update the 530 data card and update the software on the 496.  I also added a carbon monoxide detector (18 month version)and color coded breaker caps to the panel.


Unknown said...

Surprised you have "rust"... From your posts, I would have thought your were quite current/proficient?!?!

Gary said...

I always think I need work.....never enough approaches or the basics.