Monday, February 21, 2011

Geo-referenced Plates!

Announcing Geo-referenced Plates - ForeFlight

Geo-referenced Approach Plates and Taxiway Diagrams.

ForeFlight Mobile now offers an optional Pro plan that includes geo-referenced approach plates and taxiway diagrams for the entire USA.

Track your progress directly on the chart with an easy to find airplane icon representing your “ownship”. Keep tabs on groundspeed, track, and geometric altitude from the same view using the readouts below the chart. And all the standard pinch to zoom and panning gestures just work, just like you’d expect.


Unknown said...

Hi Gary, do you have an email address for contacting? Your blog is really good. I'm based at GED but also have a spot at ILG and would like to catch up with you since I am starting my IFR training. Thanks

Gary said...


Ahhh..the instrument rating! Just finished mine last August. Hard work but worth every minute spent obtaining it. What are you flying? do you have a hangar at ILG or a tie down? What about GED Hangar or tie down? A friend flys his twin comanchee out of GED and 33N. Do you know Frank?

Unknown said...

This is an amazing feature that until now (I think) was only available in expensive, permanently installed flight decks like G1000 or R9. I have come to totally rely on this feature in my Cirrus. It is amazing that this is now available as an iPad app for a fraction of the cost!!