Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flight Check Geo-Plates

Since I did not fly yesterday on what turned out to be a gorgeous day I figured I better get some left seat time in today. A co-worker wanted to go up and scout the New Jersey area for hunting locations but after an early call to set a flight up he informed me he was already out watching eagles about 35 miles from home. I know Mike is in Vermont playing in the snow with his Bride and Mary is over at her Mom and Dads helping out. I sent Vince a text but he did not respond so I proceeded with my pre-flight and got the fan turning on 08Romeo.

I departed runway two seven and climbed straight out as directed in my take off clearance waiting for the tower to direct a left turn on course.  I didn't hear a word so I requested my left turn on course. The tower apologized, they thought I was headed south, no problem, we're on the same page now. It was a smooth flight to Cape May - KWWD as I set up for 3,500 feet and flipped on the autopilot. I'm still getting a slight right bank when I bring the unit online, it still needs some adjustment.
West view towards C&D Canal
I made my calls and crossed Cape May at mid-field and entered the left down wind for runway two eight. I kept it tight but squared off and pulled the remaining power over the end of the runway and made a very smooth landing.  With a little brake action I could have made the first turn off but I let 08Romeo roll out for the midfield turn off. The ramp looked busy with a Cessna 310, 172 and 177 all parked in front of the fence.  I shut down and secured the plane and got to use my new chocks I purchased. I wandered my way inside and the restaurant was packed, they even had people sitting outside in the terminal lobby area. I managed a single seat at the counter and had two eggs over medium with bacon and homefries.

With a full belly I made my way to the ramp. The 172 and Cardinal were gone and it was just the 310 and my Sundowner. I checked my fuel and walked around the plane then boarded. The three guys in the 310 came outside, climbed aboard and fired up. Whatever works for them.
I started 08Romeo and followed the 310 out to runway two eight. The 310 called on the roll and departed, I did a run up, it's free insurance, call me mr. conservative. One Cessna reported entering the down wind and I confirmed his location with a 360* on the taxiway. Ok, Cape May Traffic, Sundowner departing two eight, Cape May. I was rolling and in the air as I crossed one nineteen.

View NE towards ACY
 I plugged in direct Millville (KMIV) and activated the RNAV GPS RWY 28 approach which had me fly direct to the Sea Isle (SIE) VOR. The Foreflight georeferenced plate has the active 'blue' box so I should show up in that box. I tuned in Atlantic city approach to make sure I wasn't in the way of arrivals and kept the nose pointed to Sea Isle.  As I crossed SIE my plane appeared on the approach plate along with altitude and speed in the bottom block.  The numbers looked real good and as an additional emergency back up I would be ok with the iPad. I am having second thoughts about hooking the 496 up to the 530, it can be a PITA chugging and plugging the buttons to bring up the same approach. Here are a few pictures, Prior to the FAF I start to break off to the left since traffic is on runway three two and there is a helicopter off the end of two eight. I headed towards the Delaware Bay and then north for home.

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