Friday, October 21, 2011

ForeFlight v4.2

VFR Sectional with TFR's and WX
What's New in ForeFlight Version 4.2

4.2 is a big release including:

* In flight SiriusXM weather via Baron Mobile Link
* An all new data-driven map engine with global basemap coverage
* ForeFlight Global Winds
* Map layering (e.g. radar on sectionals)
* Super-zoom enroute maps
* Interactive TFRs, Airmets, Sigmets, and PIREPs
* Print the NavLog
* Improved performance of the File & Brief view


Data link weather has landed on ForeFlight. The first device supported is the Baron Mobile Link, providing complete in-flight weather coverage of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico/Caribbean, and Hawaii. Data link weather is elegantly integrated with all ForeFlight maps and airport pages. The radar and satellite images are color-matched, creating a consistent experience when transitioning between Internet and data-link based weather.


4.2 introduces a brand new, data-driven, vector-drawn global mapping engine that displays cities, towns, roads, borders, populated areas, lakes, rivers, coastlines, and more. The entire world is packed into a small 19MB download.

Also new:

* Interactive TFR map showing active and pending TFRs. Tap a TFR for more details. TFRs active within 24 hours shown in red; others shown in yellow.
* Interactive AIR/SIGMET map showing active and forecast flight hazards. Tap an AIR/SIGMET for more details. Covers IFR, winds, turbulence, convective, ash, and other hazards.
* Interactive, global PIREPs map. Tap a PREP marker for details. Includes PIREPs transmitted by commercial aircraft ACARS.
* Super-zoom capability on enroute maps providing an extra level of detail and zoom for customers that requested this.


4.2 provides access to the ForeFlight Global Winds engine (the "GWE"), which provides winds aloft forecasts for any point on the planet and up to FL540. The GWE will provide wind effects for any flight plan entered, including custom user waypoints and arbitrary lat/lons.

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