Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Safety Pilot Time

I flew with Mike tonight as his safety pilot.  We left Wilmington under the VP's  TFR as a VFR flight, despite filing just in case.  The tower asked if we wanted to cancel the IFR plan, I advised if we can depart VFR then yes.  We were soon off heading south towards Summit, KEVY. 
SE View at the Salem plant and Delaware Bay
Mike set up for the RNAV GPS 35 approach after the procedure turn at WENDS.  Mike did a real nice job despite his claims of being rusty.  A smooth landing and taxi back for another round. We traded info with a Cessna 150 that had no audio and I asked him to confirm with mic clicks, it worked out.
Sunset over the Chesapeake
Round two had us off for some flight maneuvers including steep turns,a power off simulated engine out and set up for landing.  Mike flew without missing a beat and I enjoyed being eyes out, loving the evening sky and gorgeous sunset.
Short final ILS RWY 1 at KILG
After some air work I provided info for a random hold. Mike set up for a direct to the intersection KIRKK and knocked out the hold with a nice wind correction. The final approach this evening was role play ATC and vectors to the ILS RWY 01 at Wilmington.  A few turns and a long 9 mile entry had us intercepting on short order. I stink at ATC and turned Mike to close to final.

I contacted the Wilmington tower and as directed reported inbound the outter marker, HADIN. Mike was on it as he guided 08Romeo in for a smooth landing with a 6 knot crosswind from 290 degrees.  A much needed night in the air for me after a long day at work.  Fun flying as always followed up with a debrief at EATS.


Craig Gomulka said...

Love those sunsets that only pilots enjoy.

Chris said...

Great sunset photos, Gary!

Gary said...


I only had my iPhone with me and I think the new camera app did help. It was a clear night with very little of that brown nasty haze to limit the view.

I did minimum flying tonight but really enjoyed my time in the air.

Rob Schaffer said...

Nice work Gary and good photos. Maybe after Annual and your house project wrap up we can go flying sometime.

Rustedgranny said...

Your night shots remind me of why I love night flying - great photos. Well-written description of the flight, as always.

Gary said...

Rob- Cabinet maker pushed the date back to the second week of december on the install. It actually works out better now that I will have time for my body to heal after 08Romeo's annual. Once back in the air I'll give a call so we can fly!

Joyce - Thanks! Now if I remember to take my camera more often I can "maybe" get some pictures that equal your skills. :)