Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dead Battery

I went to the airport this morning relieved that I didn't have to remove ice or frost from 08Romeo, in fact the cover was dry and control surfaces good to go. Mary dropped me off and headed south for 58M, Cecil County Airport in Elkton Maryland, about a forty minute trip. I completed a pre-flight and saddled up for the ten minute hop.

Not even a half blade turn then click, click click.  Hmmm, that's not good.  I climbed in the baggage area and removed the cover exposing the rear portion of the fuselage. My battery box looks like an army ammo box complete with a clip to keep the lid secure.

I called Mary to give her a heads up that I need her to turn around, mission aborted.  With the multiple calls and text sent I strolled across the ramp. Joe was washing his Warrior and he introduced me to his new partner in the plane. I asked if he still had the solar battery charger that I thought was on his plane, he said no but he did have a jump start battery unit.  I had one too, it was sitting at home.  We gave the jump start unit a try but no go. When Mary pulled in we headed for home so I could grab a few tools, jumper cables, my new little 800 generator and extension cords.

I removed the battery that was low, thanks to Joe's meter providing confirmation. Jumper cables hooked up and charging, now sit and wait and cross my fingers.  I gave it almost thirty minutes then disconnected and reinstalled the battery. A flow through my start procedures and 08Romeo comes to life. Wooo Hooo!!

I let 08Romeo run, hopefully charging the battery even more. The JPI says the battery is looking good by the numbers and the amp gauge looks fine. I shut down, park my SUV outside the gate and saddle back up for another try. I give Mary a quick call and she heads towards Elkton. Clear Prop! was followed by two blades and a rapid start, Houston, we're go for throttle up!

A bumpy ride to 58M but happy that 08Romeo is secure. I can drive to the shop in the morning instead of dealing with wx and scheduling rides.  Annual starts tomorrow, look for posts on my progress to follow.


D.B. said...

Only 1 battery? My Sundowner had 2 x 24V batteries wired in series. I like it that the Bonanza has a 12 v system, so I can use my car stuff in the air and vice versa.

Gary said...

I have two. One was fine the other flat.

Rustedgranny said...

Don't you just hate that click-click?
182's are notorious for hating to start at cooler temps and I had problems with starting twice recently. Not fun. Glad you got going okay. Hey, D.B. two batteries? That should work, I'll look into it.