Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to Basics

One of the many "favorite links" listed on the right side column of my blog is the N631S Blog.  Frank posted a video that was posted on the AvSig online forum that really hits home to those of us who fly with IFR certified GPS equipment.

I don't want to steal Frank's thunder so please, take the time, read the blog post and post your thoughts. Here is the direct link to the post; Children of the Magenta Line.

Frank, thanks for sharing!


Frank Van Haste said...

You're welcome, Gary! The thanks properly goes to the O.P. on AvSig - who prefers that his name not circulate widely thru the Interpipes.

Thank you for the linkage!


Geoff Nelson said...

I left a note on Frank's blog. That video was more than worth the time to watch. Thanks for helping to make it more available.