Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lunch Hop to WWD

I had enough of kitchen remodel and decided I needed some flight time.  Mary had a few things to do so I posted on FB then Vince sent me a text message. We decided on a 1pm departure from Wilmington.  Vince sent a second text asking if his brother could join us, I responded no problems but I just took on 40 gallons of fuel, what's Joey's weight?  Ok punching in the numbers I come up just 3 pounds under gross and that's before start up and taxi fuel burn, we're good to go.

The brothers followed me in the gate, it was good timing. Vince and Joey followed me around while I did the pre-flight and I was worried about the battery acting up. I didn't get any stall horn when I checked.  We all climbed aboard after the pre-flight and fuel sump and crossed our fingers. Come on STEC starter do you magic! Maybe three blades and 08Romeo roared to life, there wasn't much battery power left. The amp gauge showed a charge and we waited for the oil temps to come up in the green.
File photo Bellanca Triple Tail
Vince made the calls and I taxied for the runway. I had my hand on the controls but let Vince get us in the air, he did a nice job despite pitching up a bit to much on wheels up but he quickly settled in and held a nice steady climb. I had him make the call for a turn on course and had him keep in the climb, he was rock solid at 500 a minute and a smooth turn, impressive.

We continued into Cape May and since we had traffic in the area I took controls and got us on the ground with a good landing. There were a lot of planes to see on the ramp. I counted five Yakovlev Yak-52's a Soviet primary trainer aircraft and a pair of Bellanca Cruisemaster's the "triple tail" 14-19-2 model. We also passed a bright yellow Pitts.
file photo YAK-52
We had a quick lunch then saddled back up for home. Once again Vince did a fine job on the take off and positioned us over the edge of the Delaware Bay to gain some altitude and let his brother enjoy some of the view. We turned for home and eventually made the call to Wilmington for landing instructions. We were to report a 3 mile left base for runway two seven. Vince took us to short final and then we transferred control for my landing. I'll grade this one as an ok, kind of firm, should have let it keep flying a bit more.

The three of us covered and secured 08Romeo then bugged out for home.  Thanks guys for a great time flying, hope we can do it again soon! Joey you did great for a first time ever flyer!

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