Sunday, November 06, 2011

OCMD Meet Up

Facebook has it benefits.  David and I started to correspond through facebook since we "friended" each other through another pilot.  I followed Davids posts on his Instrument Rating quest and he tortured himself enough to read a few of my blog posts.
Crossing ENO looking south west
Out of six for four
Fast forward to this weekend.  David and I traded a few posts and decided that we would take our Brides to Ocean City Maryland for an afternoon lunch at the Captain's Galley. Mary and I launched for the beach around noon and made the fifty minute trip. We climbed out of an overcast Wilmington on an instrument flight plan and soon entered the clag. The layer was smooth and around a thousand feet thick. We broke out on top in the bright sunshine and enjoyed our ride over the sea of white.
South of ENO
Looking out over the Delaware Bay
Philly handed us off to Dover and they turned us over to Patuxent. Patuxent descended us from six thousand to four which had us now sitting just under the layer. I did manage to log some actual and that made it fun. I got a few traffic call outs as we broke the ten miles out mark. I canceled in the air with approach and flipped to the CTAF to make my calls. I entered a left down wind for runway two and followed with my base to final turn and a nice soft landing.
David and his Cherokee 235
Dave, Mary, Lynn and Danelle
We taxied in and secured 08Romeo then noticed a text message from David alerting us to some battery problems. I ordered some fuel on check in and then settled in waiting on David and his family. I didn't know it but he was flying a Cherokee, a Cherokee 235 that really hauled the mail, they got in just fifteen minutes past our 1PM scheduled time.
RT 50 Bridge
Ocean City, MD
We grabbed the cab out front and made the quick trip to the Captains Galley. The menu had a wide range of sandwiches, appetizers and soups. I had shrimp salad that came with a cup of beef barley soup. Mary spilt the crab dip appetizer with me and had a bowl of cream of crab soup. We really enjoyed our lunch get-away with David, Lynn and Danelle and their friends Don and Dori.
Indian River Inlet Bridge
After lunch we decided to saddle up and head for home. The wx had cleared and the flight plan I previously filed was left unopened. Mary and I launched and climbed out of Ocean City turning north and enjoying the view. The Lewes ferry was coming in to port ,the tankers were making their way out of the Delaware Bay and it was a nice flight home as the time change ushered the sun to its early setting.

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