Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines get-away, canceled

We got the call last night that our Valentines day weekend get-away flight to West Palm Beach was cancelled.  I asked if there were two seats on any flight non-stop, multiple stops whatever, heck one seat for my Bride and I'll fly jump seat or right seat if you let me.  After a cute giggle and the acknowledgement of quite the original counter offer the answer was still no seats on any flights until Monday morning. Hmmm, arrive Monday morning and then catch the 7pm flight home, that's not going to work.  My tickets were canceled and money refunded, oh joy.   The rep did have me hang on as she checked out all airlines and gave me a heads up that Southwest had 4 seats open at 8am Friday.  I thanked her and quickly called Southwest.
When I called Southwest I advised her that the US Airways customer rep gave me the heads up about four open seats, thinking it may help.  The Southwest rep said there was a seat open but not two seats. SW also checked for any flights on Saturday but everything was booked.
So, here I sit after shoveling the driveway (for a 4th time) at 5:30 this morning and cleaning off my SUV. I guess we will pick up Ziva girl from the boarding kennel and make the best of my now five day weekend at home.

Come on Spring!

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