Saturday, October 31, 2015

ADS-B Install Flight to Red Eagle

Thursday 10/29

Mary and I will be taking 08Romeo north to KILG - Wilmington for her ADS-B install. The weather forecast is looking excellent but I'll file for the morning trip.  I removed both back seats and my handy container of cleaning products, oil and the few tools I travel with.  I did toss the plane and tail cone covers along with the fuel sump back in so I can test whatever I might take on at ILG. I'm ready for tomorrow.

Friday 10/30
The plan was to be in the air by 8:30. Once on the ground at Red Eagle I have arranged for Enterprise to drop off a rental for my one way trip back to Ocean City. I'll make this trip in reverse next week when we pick up.  Yes, MY one way trip.  Mary wasn't feeling good this morning so I made the drop-off by myself.

RT. 50, Home Depot and Walmart, The Inlet
I ordered fuel to bring 08Romeo to forty gallons and soon got the fan turning. I did add my single strand of black duct tape to block the vent that mixes into the heater box.  There is absolutely no sense in mixing the air this time of year, this pilot wants HEAT.
Quick snack at three thousand, egg Mcnuthin'
I launched off of three-two after picking up my clearance with Patuxent. Pretty much as filed  except for the usual add on of "on departure, fly heading 270*". I was climbing to three thousand and once observed with an ident by Pax they turned me direct Smyrna (ENO).

Temps at 7000
Pax had me climb to seven thousand and the ride was smooth with a ten to fifteen knot tail winds. Once handed off to Dover approach they had me descend, as they normally do, to five then three. Each step turned to more of a head wind and at three I was slogging through twenty-five knots just off the nose.
Dover handed me off to Philly and I checked in with three thousand level, have the wx at Wilmington.  Philly had me report the field and off we went. I had Wilmington maybe 13 miles out and reported to Philly, then turned me over to Wilmington tower. Wilmington cleared me to land two-seven as I was just passing eight miles south. They did add in "report turning final". I acknowledged.
Delaware City on the leading edge, Delaware City Refinery and tanker offloading on the Delaware River
Bob C and I had traded messages on Facebook, prior to my departure, and he was in the area. Bob headed for Red Eagle so we could meet for a late breakfast or early lunch. I made a nice landing and taxied clear for red eagle. I secured 08Romeo to spend a few nights outside until she gets tugged in the hangar for work Monday morning. Bob was waiting inside so I finished up some paper work, traded jabs with Dale and waited for Enterprise to pick me up.
After picking up my car, now changed to a ford pick up truck, we were off for lunch at the Dog House. I haven't eaten here since I retired, good dogs, love the environment and good service. Bob and I enjoyed lunch then I headed south. A fun day with a short flight and catching up with a good friend. 
Fall finally arrives on the Delmarva Peninsula
I'm not sure about getting many pictures of the work, but I'll have a full report on the shakedown flight home with pics and a final $$.

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