Monday, October 19, 2015

Shelagh's Birthday!

Sunday 10.18

Mary made plans last night for us to visit family in Wilmington.  It was her cousin Shelagh's birthday and we wanted to see her since she was in town. Shelagh, her husband Fred and daughter Juliette  live in Boston. While Fred is working in New York city Shelagh and Ju Ju headed south on Jet Blue to visit her Mom and Dad and visit with her sisters for her birthday.

This Morning...

I had a hot chocolate with whipped cream this morning while getting comfortable to watch the morning news. Then it hit me, I didn't plug 08Romeo in yesterday.  Ughhh...I threw on my slippers, a ball cap and sweatshirt to go with my fuzzy flannel, I'm a bum, fat boy pants.  Ok, I call them my fat boy pants because I have no idea what they are really called. Their comfortable, warm and I love them. Yeah, Too much info, good luck getting that picture out of your head.
Ocean Downs Track and Casino
I went through the gate and slipped in to the hangar undetected by airport operations so I didn't have to sit and chat and be caught in my Wal-Mart look. 08Romeo was good to go and I was back on the road to the house. I don't think any neighbors eyes were injured completing this mission as I ran to the front door from the truck.

We decided to head to the airport around 10 and we were off the ground before 10:30, yes 08Romeo's oil was in the yellow already. I plugged in a direct flight and planned on flight following with Dover. Bumpy as heck today but clear as one could hope for.  At three thousand feet you could see from Ocean City across the Delaware Bay enough to see the skyline of Atlantic City, NJ. I called Dover maybe fourteen south of the Waterloo VOR (ATR) and for the third time in a row, received position as reported. I got a streak going.
As we were closing in on Dover we heard two Jumbo's, yep C5's heading for the AFB.  The one pictured came up the bay and was getting vectors for the TACAN RWY 32 approach.  The pilot then asked for the procedure turn to simulate a hold.  Cool! Right? I'm watching this aircraft shadow me up the bay and then turn left in front of me and pass below me with 1k separation.  I didn't get to see him land when he got handed off to the tower but I have to say it's always impressive watching the Air Force at work.
The rest of the ride was uneventful and we advised Wilmington tower of our three mile left base for three-two as directed. A nice landing and back taxi for the former AeroWays, now FlyAdvanced FBO.

We secured a rental for the day and we were soon off on our Wilmington adventure.  First stop a bakery for Shelaghs German chocolate cake then off to her Mom and Dads home for a visit.
We all went out to lunch at Krazy Kats Restaurant. Mary and I had the Herb Crusted Filets of Beef with cheddar chive potato rosti, exotic mushrooms, grilled asparagus and triple onion jus.  We had an excellent meal and great conversation, what a nice time catching up. As always time passes by way to fast, it was closing in on 3:30. We headed back to the house and chatted for a bit then headed for the airport.
We squared up with FlyAdvanced and then headed out to the plane. 08Romeo was sandwiched in between a Citation Excel and Citation jet. I did my pre-flight and start up, getting out just ahead of both. It was a long taxi from the south east end of the field to runway two-seven but I got to take a peek at all the taxiway Bravo construction.

I held position for a Cherokee six then launched for home when he was clear.  It was a smooth flight at three thousand five hundred, checking in with Dover for the south leg. I made a nice roll it on landing and said out loud...sweeeet.  My lovely Bride said yeah, nice stall horn, and you thought Mike B was tough.  If I could add a sound bite it would be the air coming out of a balloon since there was no stall horn to hear. Harummmph, don't worry Mike, Mary is keeping me honest. I love my Bride!

Mary and I enjoyed the view and ride as we reflected on our day. We are blessed to have such a nice travel machine and to come and go as we please with no schedule. Life is good!

**Flight time since September 30th is 39 hours, it's been my busiest month flying!

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