Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Maintenance Updates

Since I have been grounded, I spent some time making a list of maintenance items I want to address. Already ordered are my Lightspeed Zulu headset ear seals, headrest pad and mic muff.

new vs old
Photo courtesy the  Beech Aero Club file
For 08Romeo I have ordered shock discs (Donuts)through the Beech Aero Club at an amazing savings. Beechcraft has stock identified as an assembly of 8 pieces (one gear) with a 120 month shelf life. Price listed to a BAC member was $2,919 plus the 15% mark up on that price range. I paid $600 per gear, plus shipping, for a total of just under $1300 for the main gear (two gear).
Photos courtesy the Beech Aero Club
Good donuts provide a clearance above the noted holder pin. 08Romeo is just starting to infringe on the top of the pin.

I have also ordered the rubber fairings for the wing root and the vertical tail portion (rudder) connection to the stabilator on 08Romeos tail. As soon as I'm mobile, hopefully after Thursdays doctor visit, I'll get the tail done. At some point this summer I'll attempt the wing root seal.

tail rubber

existing wing root fairing

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