Wednesday, March 08, 2017

When There Is No Departure Procedure

I was reading through some older posts on the Beech Talk Forum and stumbled across a Foreflight-Garmin flight planning question about flying a departure procedure when there is none listed for the airport. I just wanted to share this typical gottcha that we face when picking up a clearance on the ground or the route change we sometimes get while flying.

The example given was a routine Departure Procedure(DP)given at KAGC, Alleganey County Airport located just south east of Pittsburgh Airport. One problem, there is no DP listed in Foreflight or the Garmin database. However, the procedure is pretty straight forward and easy enough to fly. On departure intercept the AGC VOR 073 degree radial to HOMEE intersection. There are multiple ways to attack this.

You can set up your flight plan on the 430/530 direct HOMEE and use nav 2 to intercept the radial from the AGC VOR, but that's not taking advantage of all of your equipment. Besides if your going to be climbing into IMC conditions you want all the guidance you can get to reduce stress levels.

In a similar situation I made this quick (Nav 2) choice when flying home from Dutchess County Airport in Poughkeepsie, NY. It was VFR conditions, and ATC threw an odd ball change to my route to fly a departure procedure not listed on my 530 database. Granted, it wasn't a biggie, but a route change can get overwhelming if your not ready, or well rehearsed in utilizing all of your avionics.

From the iPad on Foreflight it's a simple point and click then a transfer (with the Flightstream 210) to the panel mount 430/530. Lets set up the flight plan and make sure we select the AGC HOMEE leg before sending it to the panel (430/530).
Selected our airport KAGC and checked for the DP.
Flight plan is entered. Click on the NAV LOG button once in flight plan, then click on HOMEE. You will see a message come up for a change to the plan, confirm fly leg AGC to HOMEE. Once that's complete send it to the panel 430/530.
If you take the time to set this up on your 430/530 it's just as easy. Chug and plug your route adding the AGC VOR before the HOMEE intersection.
In the FLTPLN menu, cursor down and highlight HOMEE, then click on MENU and select Activate Leg.
You will now see a new message box that wants you to confirm Fly Leg AGC -> HOMEE, select activate.
On departure you would be ready to intercept the 073 degree radial to HOMEE and be on your way.

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