Thursday, March 02, 2017

Last Cast, Finally Weight Bearing

To say I was anxious this morning was an understatement. I was coming out of my skin knowing I had to see the Doctor today and that I did not want another cast, no matter what. I rehearsed in my head multiple times how that conversation would go, and I was the cast-less winner each time.

I am still on the scooter to get around and honestly, its been fun buzzing around herding the cats and dog. I needed some form of entertainment.
It was time to load up in the SUV and head to Berlin, just a short ten minute ride. Once again the place was pretty much empty with only one other patient waiting.

I went into the cast removal room and one of the assistants got the saw turning. One cut down each side followed by the spreaders and my foot was free. It felt good to bend my ankle despite the ugly dragon looking scales and swollen areas.

I headed over to x-ray for a few pictures and then returned to the room to wait for the Doctor to come in and update my progress. It looks like I don't need another cast! I've graduated to a boot for day time activities and can start partial weight bearing, working my way to full weight bearing status by the next visit on March 30th.
The Doc said it's the quickest healing of any fusion surgery he has done to date. I had to remind him this ain't my body's first rodeo with staples, metal parts and getting back up to speed. I'm not sure how well my right leg and hip will hold up but I've never been a quitter.

The doctor did not want me putting any weight on the foot unless it was flat and in the boot, no weight on just the toes or heel and no rolling motion, just flat and level. I was reminded that it will take almost a year for me to be back to normal and that I could experience some permanent swelling.
Mary took me out to lunch at the Sunset Grille in West Ocean City to celebrate my progress. It was nice to get out and spend time with my Bride without the zoo hovering around us. I did let Mary know I want to get back in the air as soon as I can go full weight bearing and get up on 08Romeo's wing. We talked about purchasing a tug to eliminate any extra pressure on the foot while I build it back up.


Jim and Sandie said...

Great progress. I remember when I got out of my second cast, my leg was beyond hairy, and pasty white. But it felt soooo good. I'm lucky. My ankle doesn't swell but it sure can hurt some days. Do exactly what the doc says and you will be flying shortly. Gping to try your cracker recipe tomorrow. It sounds even better to me.

Gary said...

I have been following orders, even my Bride is impressed. I was ready to do battle over another cast but thankfully it didn't come to that.

I was in heaven this morning feeling water hit that leg and foot for the first time in two months. Best shower ever! :)

Hope you enjoy the cracker recipe, they are tasty.