Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Airport Time and New Parts

Since I am wearing the boot I have switched over to crutches, and life is starting to feel somewhat normal. Mary was under the weather so I took Ziva girl with me for some airport play time.
Ziva ran herself silly then settled in while I made my way in the hangar, yes, over the now orange step. My hangar faces east so the sun really warms the hangar even if it's a bit chilly outside. Once the door was open I checked on 08Romeo to make sure the battery minder was still doing its thing and then the ford ranger to make sure it was charging. I even disconnected the charger and let ranger run for a bit, since the doors were open.
I made a few mental notes to bring new batteries for all the headsets since I removed all of them before surgery. I didn't want them to sit all this time and get all nasty. I lubed all the door locks and hinges along with the fuel cap latches. I will do the flap and ailerons on my next visit, I was running out of steam crutching around.
When I returned home I found a package at the door, a Century I control head (turn and bank). A fellow BAC member was having an Stec-30 installed and he shipped his working unit to me. I want to give this head unit a try so I can eliminate the autopilot 'hunting'. By hunting I mean it tends to bank ever so slightly left or right across the course heading, it's very annoying. I can't trust the unit when I'm in instrument conditions if it hunts so it's pretty much useless.

Upon further inspection of the package contents I see that the unit I received is for 14V, sadly that won't work for my plane. The Sundowner is 28v. The search continues.

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