Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cover Art and Edits

Today I received my book cover artwork and sent out the two copies I liked best to a few of my friends. I appreciate their comments and suggestions, and I know they will be honest with me. Following the advice of a fellow blogger and author I decided to go with the company he selected for his cover art. Talk about an easy and smooth experience, thanks Ed. I'll post all the particulars once I get this project published and have a solid number on my total cost.

As a follow up on my last post and the call to Mike the editor, all went well. We had a great conversation about my goals and how to achieve them. I explained that writing is obviously not my full time job, but just a shot in the dark to cross another item off my bucket list. I told Mike that I really wanted to share the magic carpet concept with other pilots, and people who are thinking about flying. I hope this book provides a glimpse into traveling by general aviation, the fun, the excitement and everything that comes with it.

Foot update: I am partial weight bearing status as of my last visit to the Doc. Last week was 25% pressure and this week I'm 50%. The ugly, scaly dragon foot is turning back into a human foot with each passing day. Parts of my foot still feel like it's asleep, but it's slowly waking up. I am cleared to drive but I am still self grounded as far as flying.


christoph said...

Rock on! I had no idea you were writing. I like the cover! I'm sure many others who have that same dream will be inspired by your story. Congrats on crossing things off the "Bucket List." Life is short. Do what you have always dreamed of doing. I can't wait to read it.

Gary said...

Thanks Chris!

It always seemed like something to do, my bucket list. I'm always looking for new adventures and goals. I have so much material from all of our flights that it seemed like a natural progression from blog to book. I hope my books turn out half as good as what you have accomplished. I featured 'You Gotta Go to Know' in May and I'll post something on 'What Up Ditch', that I just finished reading. Starting 'Burning Man' next.

Any of my readers, feel free to check out what Chris has published. Great reading, tell it like it is style.