Friday, March 10, 2017

The Author In Me

I know my blog ramblings are a shoot from the hip style, with no serious regard for the grammar police and sometimes spell check doesn't catch all of my mistakes. What I write is not fancy, it's down to earth, write it as I speak it, keep it simple stupid (The KISS method). I can still hear my high school English teacher, Mrs. Harker, hounding me for grammar and punctuation.

Mrs. Harker would be delighted to know that I am working to have a book published. I have toyed around with the idea for years, Mary has encouraged me to go for it. Giving some thought to my current mobility status I should ask myself if she is wanting me busy typing instead of harassing her, Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't push my luck.

I decided to gather my notes about our flying adventures. I have plenty of material; my miscellaneous ramblings, obtaining my license, joining a flying club, the adventure into ownership along with some other related flying activities. For the readers of my blog it may seem somewhat familiar. For the folks that find my eBook, I hope it will provide some laughs, make them reflect on their flying and encourage them to spread their wings and explore this country.
For now its cover designs and editing, lots of editing. The internet is a wonderful tool, providing the ability to pick and choose editors, graphic artists for designing my cover and multiple self publishing connections. It's been time consuming and frustrating, rewarding and even scary at times. In my initial email to my editor I asked if he thought I should stay with my retired gig of consulting on highway and bridge projects instead of writing. He forwarded my first chapter to me with suggestions and corrections, asking me to call and discuss the remainder of the work.

More to follow as this new to me adventure unfolds. For now I have to make the call to Mike the editor. I plan on sharing this adventure as it unfolds and the process to reach my goal. It should be an interesting ride.


Jim and Sandie said...

Go for it.

Gary said...

Thanks for the support! I'm all in now, my manuscript is in the hands of the editor.

Chris said...

Wayto go, Gary! I can't wait to read it!

Chris said...

(though, obviously, I'll have to...)