Thursday, March 09, 2017

Nose Dragger Tug

With my foot recovery well underway I am planning my return to the air.  First things first, the Doc tells me this foot will take the better part of a year to return to normal service. Thinking ahead about pulling the plane in and out of the hangar, Mary and I were worried I could damage the repaired foot. With that nasty thought in mind I started to search for a tug.

I posted a 'wanted to buy' thread on the AOPA forum but the next day my membership expired. I'm not ready to rejoin so I couldn't check for any replies. I decided to post a WTB thread on Pilots Of America and the Purple Board For Pilots forums. First, I made a few calls and sent out a few text messages to fellow pilots that might have a line on a used tug, it's always good to network.

Adam Z was the first to reply with a tug I might be interested in. We swapped some info and he hooked me up with a Nose Dragger Tug.
This powerful 24-volt electric aircraft tug will fit and move any nose wheel airplane up to 5,000 lbs. without wheel fairings as well as those with wheel fairings that have 3″ or greater of clearance from the fairing to the ground. It utilizes a smooth thumb throttle speed control for precise forward and reverse movements. The built in differential now allows for easier turning and even better control.

The Nose Dragger Dragger is designed to pull aircraft on a flat surface or on a rain grade surface with no more than a 2-3% grade. The unit comes with two new batteries and smart charger.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Anything to make getting the plane ready is a good thing. I feel that way about both Jim's boat and the RV. Good bye.