Tuesday, April 24, 2018

63 Debonair

I was in the process of uploading the video of yesterdays flight and decided to call my shop to talk Debs with the shop owner. I trust Rogers opinions more than anyone on aircraft. I mentioned how everyone is saying go to a Bonanza specific A&P, they know the landing gear and other items special to the Beech.  I've seen Bonanza's in Rogers shop, all years, so I know he works on them. 

Funny how timing plays out. Roger is just starting an annual on a clients 63 Debonair. The owner is thinking about selling since the aircraft is close to TBO and he doesn't think he'll be flying much longer. I was assured this plane is beautiful inside and out.
So day four has me back in the air and heading north for 58M. I made a nice landing and taxied in, shutting down on the ramp side of the hangar facing the terminal. Once I walked in I saw the 63 Deb, she is beautiful.  A red white and blue paint scheme with a grey and burgundy interior, very nice.

I met the owner and we talked airplanes all afternoon. I helped with the gear swing for his annual and we each crawled inside to get a better look. This plane is very nice and has been well cared for.

What originally was planned as a review of the logs on another plane (65 Deb) that I was very much interested in, turned into a handshake deal on a beautiful 63 Beech Debonair.

Some info...

Garmin 530W
Garmin 430W
Garmin GTX 345
PMA 8000BT
FlightStream 210
Stec 50 Auto pilot
Mary and I are looking forward to the next chapter in our travels by air. When the deal is done, and the new plane is in our hangar, we will post all the pictures.


Chris said...

Whoa! My head is spinning! You have to give your readers a chance to keep up, Gary!


Jim and Sandie said...

Chris is right - I've lost track of what you're doing so I'll just wait for the pictures of the new plane. Sure sounds like you found one that will work really good for you and Mary.

Gary said...

My head is still spinning too!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since we got back from Texas. I have flown more hours this month then when I was training. I have been tired and can't seem to catch up, maybe the rest of this week will slow down.

Working with a list of potential buyers for 08Romeo and scheduling additional complex and high performance training for next week. Then I hope to close on the Debonair and get time in that plane.

I will keep the blog updated.

Unknown said...

Funny the way things work. Sounds like that Deb was meant to be.

ザイツェヴ said...

Considering that you've been as far west as Waco, Texas, in a Mouse, a Deb would easily carry you to ... er... I wanted to say "Vegas", but distance to it from Virgnia is not in proportion to the speed increase you're getting. But maybe you can raid Dallas and Miami more regularly.