Saturday, May 16, 2020

Local Flight to Accomack

Really it should read local flight to Melfa Virginia. KMFV is Accomack County Airport and it is situated in the middle of the peninsula. 
The main goal this morning was to get the recent Camguard product that I added, mixed in with the fresh oil change. Camguard is designed to reduce wear, curb deposit formation and more importantly protect engines against rust and corrosion. It contains multiple corrosion inhibitors for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The weather was beautiful. I did wish I had the blower fan unit like my Sundowner had, it would have been a welcome add on for today. Once the prop was turning I had air moving through the vent window,so that did help cool things off.

I taxied out to runway three two and held for traffic. First a Cessna, then a Cirrus, and finally a monster helicopter (Sikorsky Seaguard) in faded coast guard colors.  I finally launched and pointed to the south west to clear the area.  I entered a flight plan from KOXB to KMFV and on the go added the waypoint SWL, the Snowhill VOR.  The VOR will keep me west of the R-6604 Restricted area surrounding NASA Wallops Flight Facility. 
Despite the temps the ride was smooth. There was plenty of traffic out flying today, what a change compared to my last flights. Accomack Terminal was closed but the self serve pumps were open. I passed on a landing and instead made a u-turn and headed for home. I was only interested in a short flight, just an hour, to heat up the oil and mix the additive. 

I made my way north east for home, once again adding in the SWL VOR to keep clear of Wallops. I was watching the clouds start to develop to the north and moving towards the beach. I'm glad I stuck with the south flight instead of heading north to Wilmington.
I swapped Patuxent approach for Ocean City CTAF and listened to the traffic in the pattern.  I worked my way in, number two for the field, turning base as the aircraft on fianl passed by my left wing. I had a plane on my six, in the pattern, also wanting to land. It worked out well, everybody was talking on the radio. We landed one two three, each crossing the numbers as the previous plane called clear. It was a fun day flying and I'm looking forward to some real travel time.

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