Monday, May 04, 2020

Why Blog and Video

STEC 60-2
On my last flight I had an issue with the autopilot, honestly it was the operator of the autopilot. Yes, yours truly had a brain fart. I haven't shot an approach with the STEC since I reset my currency back on February 16th. 

Now I could read the manual, which I did, and realized it was my set up. Rewind back to my training video with Mike B back in August 2019 and it clearly shows I had the same issue. Here is the note I typed on the video, it about covers it. 
People often ask me, why do you blog and video your flights.  This is one of the reasons. By reading, watching, and listening to myself I can easily see what I need to work on, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. In this case I answered my own question.  

Train hard, stay safe!

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