Friday, May 08, 2020

Rosen Visors Have Arrived

ROSEN Visors
Can you tell how bored I am?  I am actually going to do an unboxing and install video on my Rosen visors.
I wish I would have aimed the camera a bit higher but you get the general idea. Everything seemed simple enough, and the instructions were clear. The visors were shipped with the STC to add to my log book.

Off to the hangar...

I set up the visor box, video cameras, and any tools I might need for the install. Off course once I settled in the left seat I forgot the first tool required, a phillips screwdriver, to remove the existing visor. I climbed back out on the wing and then over to the tool box for the screw driver and a rag to clean up after the grease is applied to the pivot arm.
Existing attachment
Rosen attachment
I carefully removed the plastic bags with the parts and laid out one set for the pilot side. I fiddled with the supplied bracket but it didn't seem right, the visor would set to low. So just for kicks I screwed in the pivot stud threaded end into the existing hole and it fit perfectly. Time to investigate what exactly was holding everything secure on the back side. When I removed the two trim screws and pulled the trim back I saw a bracket and a nut already in place. Thankfully it wasnt a nut plate. 
I made the decision to assemble and install with just the pivot stud (part #13). With everything in place I could not get the pivot stud to stay tight with all the new motion of the Rosen bracket arm. I would need a lock washer and some locktite to prevent any movement. 
Once again I climb out of the plane, close up the hangar and make a hardware store run. I returned with everything I needed and got back to the install, this time grabbing an adjustable wrench to tighten the stud in place. First was the larger original washer followed by the lock washer then a thin coat of Permatex Blue, same as the Locktite Blue.
The MEDIUM STRENGTH threadlocker that can be disassembled with normal hand tools.

  • For Use Where Disassembly is Common
  • Keeps Threaded Fasteners From Vibration Loosening
  • Ideal for 1/4" to 3/4" Fasteners (6 to 20mm)
  • Removable with Hand Tools

I repeated the steps for the copilot side and then cleaned up. The finished product looks great! The Rosens are 2.5-3" taller then the stock Commander set. With the new visors down it covers the total view from top of windscreen to the dash pad, and can swing to the side window for some additional shade. I like it. 

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