Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Mouse in the House

Bob and his 1967 A23
I headed over to the airport around noonish to check on 3 Tango Charlie, order fuel, and do a pre-flight.  I will have to sump fuel tomorrow, I like to let it sit overnight when possible.  It was good to see some of the line guys back at work, the part timers have been off since October.

With 3 Tango Charlie ready to go I closed up the hangar and headed towards the gate. As I drove along the parallel taxiway I saw a Mouse land.  I didn't make out the tail number at first so I figured I would wait and see where they shut down. I sat near the self serve fuel pumps and the Mouse taxied to a tie down just a short distance away. I saw the tail number and I knew the plane but it just didn't click.  I cheated and looked up the tail number and it was our BAC member Bob P and a neighbor that sat right seat.

Bob made the trip so he could present the scholarship for an EAA member. The EAA recipient had moved to Ocean City and he will be starting his flight training at Ocean Aviation. 

With my plane ready to go tomorrow I decided to head back to the house for some lunch with my bride.  A short but fun day at the airport, meeting up with a fellow BAC member was a bonus.  

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