Monday, August 03, 2020

Lunch with BAC Friends

I swapped text messages with fellow Beech Aero Club (BAC) member Les G.  Les and Nahia were planing on flying into Ocean City and asked Mary and I if we wanted to meet up for lunch around 2pm. The plan sounded great and we agreed to meet up at KOXB, we would provide the wheels. Les and Nahia rolled in right on time and secured their beautiful 1978 Beech Sundowner.
N6008L - 1978 Beech Sundowner (C23)
A little backstory here... 
Les and I met for the first time at Cambridge for breakfast and he really liked our Sundowner.  Les ended up having his Sundowner repainted (it looks beautiful) and updated his avionics.  The 78 Sundowner sports a Garmin stack with the FlightStream 210, and Les flies with ForeFlight so it's an easy program and upload to the 530W.  The interior is absolutely gorgeous too, this Sundowner is top notch. 
We all piled in Marys GLC300 and made our way to the Sunset Grille, maybe a mile or two from the airport.  I found a parking spot right out front despite vehicles everywhere due to the ongoing  white marlin tournament. I called ahead for reservations so we were immediately seated with a beautiful view of the harbor. 
There were huge boats, filling every slip. The four of us enjoyed our lunch and spent a good while chatting and catching up, a very enjoyable afternoon. Yes, the crab cakes were excellent.
This was for 08Romeo
Once we decided it was time to head back to the airport we took a short stroll along the waterfront to see all those boats. There was a lot of $ floating there. On the way back to the airport I made a small detour to head up to Rt. 50 and pointed out a very good crab house, Hoopers. Nahia liked the outlets that my bride pointed out, and Les and I were more concerned with Dummsers Ice cream location. We all have our priorities. 

We watched 08Lima climb out on runway two-zero and head back to KMTN, Martin State. It was a fun day and we are looking forward to catching up again soon. I think Mary and I are going to visit Martin State sometime soon.

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