Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pilot Shuffle

This morning I got an early start and was wheels up out of Wilmington (KILG) by 8:30AM. The plan was to pick up BobC and get him back to his plane that was still on the ramp at Georgetown (KGED). Bob was stuck in Delaware due to wx this past Thursday and Friday. It was very hazy today, typical north east. I didn't bring along the camera, I don't know why, I just forgot.

We departed Wings field and contacted Philly approach for bravo clearance. Philly was busy today but picked me up on my second call. Philly approach Archer 28679er - 28679er standby, (never a good sign), Archer 28679er Philly approach - Approach, Archer 28679er 5 south of Wings, 1,900 climbing 4,500 VFR to 3 3 November request flight following and bravo clearance - Archer 679er squawk #### and say altitude request - squawking #### 4,500, 679er. We were on our way through the Bravo. I was handed off once to 119.75 and she also asked my requested altitude........4,500, 679er. We were good to go.

Somewhere south of Wilmington, maybe around the C&D canal Philly handed us off to Dover. I responded 132.42 have a great day - Dover approach Archer 28679er level 4,500. Dover gave us the current altimeter reading and we dialed it in. I soon had 33 November in sight and cancelled flight following. I positioned myself to cross midfield at 2,000, 1,200 above pattern altitude. Announcing my position we circled and entered the left down wind portion of the pattern. Base to final, over the electric wires and another good landing in the log book.

Jeff climbed aboard and we launched for Georgetown. It was really ugly hazy today, I know I mentioned it but it was so bad I needed to say it again. Jeff handled the comms and picked up flight following for the KGED hop. We were assigned a squawk number only to hear another aircraft already squawking that number....Hmmmmm. Jeff, in typical Pilot In Command style quickly advised Dover of the squawks codes and similar tail numbers and requested that we use full call signs. I think Dover got ticked but tuff luck, it's our lives up here while they sit in the A/C tower. We were given another squawk number, the troublemaker dialed it in, just kidding Jeff, ya done good and kept everyone squared away.

We had a Falcon jet pass on by and enter the left down wind for runway 4 at Georgetown. Jeff offered to extend our downwind so he could get in first. We had position and could have gotten in but with his speed he would have had to go around. I chugged along watching the falcon jet cross base well out in front of us and I extended my downwind. As he came by our left side I turned base and made my way in, number two to land. There was a Cessna behind us and he followed number three to land, we all played nice nice. Another nice landing in the book and clear of the runway in time for the high winger to land with no problems.

We parked out front on the busy ramp and then made our way inside for breakfast. I had an Omelet, Jeff had one too, Bob had eggs Benedict. Food and service is always worth the stop at KGED. Jeff and I did some flight planning and we will carry two routes, the east of the Appalachians and west side run, actually the west run was an hour shorter. We had seen enough and felt like we were ready. I am going to take my small Dell computer for flight planning at the hotel and updating the blog while enroute.

We all went out and completed our individual pre-flight. I took on 15.7 gallons of fuel to top us off since it was just two of us we would be fine. 679er was soon screaming off the runway climbing out in Gary fashion when I heard MikeB's voice in my head saying cruuuise climb....and so I did. After we departed the pattern I gave Jeff control. He took us into 33N and transferred control back to me on final. Another good landing maybe a titch slow on very short final but gentle none the less.

I never turned the fan off and Jeff bailed out at the terminal. I'm not sure who is more excited....well maybe Jeff is since he is bringing home a new toy, but the trip will be half the fun. I pointed 679er into the wind and launched for home. [TAKE OFF VIDEO]

Wilmington gave me the straight in for runway one, report three mile final. The XRX alerted me to one aircraft moving towards me from my 11 o'clock +200 feet. I was descending below pattern altitude as I was closing in on my 3 mile final reporting position. Wilmington Tower called out the traffic and I had visual as he passed overhead. Another sweet landing, number five for the day. I'm hot and tired with a sunburn face. I know I'll be sweating bullets when I push back, tie down and cover the plane. I sure did.....

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