Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lunch Run to Kays

08Romeo was out of annual with a clean bill of health so why not make a short hop for lunch.  I called Vince to see if he wanted to fly and he agreed.  Vince's Mom got some shopping time and da' boys are going to go play airplanes. Vince was off from school and I was off work due to the Veterans Day observance. 
I had completed my pre-flight so we saddled up for KCGE.  A short hop but a chance for me to give the CHT's a good once over.  The numbers looked great as we climbed out at 800-1000 feet a minute, temps never climbing above 400o. I picked up flight following with Dover and enjoyed the ride. Vince was busy with camera in hand taking great shots as always and he handled the iPad.
Traffic was pretty light going into Cambridge so we crossed midfield to enter the left down wind for runway three four. Base to final and a nice landing with a roll out to exit the midfield taxiway.  Kays looked empty, at least for aircraft parking. We were marshaled in and shut down right next to the building. No need for fuel, I had topped off at Wilmington. When Vince and i walked into the restaurant there was hardly a seat open! The locals really fill this place up, no wonder with the great service and food.
Vince had a burger and I had the crab cake sandwich. We each had a mason jar of sweet tea to wash it all down. We didn't hang around long after lunch, we both wanted to get back in the air. We launched off of three four and turned north for home. Once established in level flight I gave Vince a chance to get some stick time. He does a real nice job holding altitude and heading from the right seat. I should have let him do some radio work but I took care of that. We reported a right base for runway niner at Wilmington,as instructed, followed by a short taxi to the ramp. 


Steve said...

Another gorgeous day and I love seeing you taking the youngsters up. Reminds me that I still need to fly 3 more Young Eagles before the end of the year!

Gary said...


Vince is a great young man with a passion for flying that is almost out of control. :) He is going to get his glider ticket with CAP and he is looking forward to flying lessons in a few years.

Vince flys very well, good traffic spotter (young eyes) and understands the aircraft systems. He also takes great pictures!!!