Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rescue Flight Plan

Mary and I have been talking about providing flight assistance for dog/cat rescues. We had a chance to do a flight over a week ago but got bumped by a pilot who was in the area on business and  happened to be flying home to the area the dog needed to go, what timing for that lucky pup.  After posting the miss on our first flight, on facebook, I got a message from my friend Bob Ciotti who has flown rescue for the Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue.  Bob hooked me up with Debbie (MAESSR President) and I think we are on board with an organization that fits our mission range.

The mission of MAESSR is obviously in the Mid-Atlantic region and they service New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington,  

Virginia, and North Carolina with the main hub of activity centered in Hanover, VA.  I hope to post an update on our scheduled Saturday flights. The tentative plan is to transport 
two new furry passengers,Arleigh and Charleston, for a north bound trip to York,Pennsylvania to drop off Arleigh  with his new forever family. The last leg will bring bring Charleston home to Wilmington, with Mary and I, to meet his new forever family. 
 We are both very excited about the opportunity to help out. We will have plenty of pictures to post!!!


Steve said...

Awesome, I'm looking forward to this write-up. Rescue flights are something I know I'd do often if I owned an airplane!

Anonymous said...

That's cool Gary. I suppose dogs are easier than horses, you'd have to put a hitch on the plane and buy an air-trailer. :) Wave if you fly over the Grears Corner/Dexter Corner roads intersection south of Townsend.


Gary said...

I would need a bigger plane!!! and someone to clean up that mess!

Cheesie said...

What a great donation you are making! Take pictures of all your passengers and make a scrapbook.