Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

It's time for my annual year in review and a look forward to some new goals for 2011.  Here are the goals I set back in January.

2010 in Review
Hours: 169.4 Total flight hours 543
Ratings:  Instrument checkride passed!!!   August 19, 2010
Airports (new):  KFCI, 9N3, KVVS, KMGY, 40I, KEDE, KACY, KOFP, KMFV
States (new):  Ohio
Aircraft: I got to fly a Stearman!!  Thanks Steve!
Medical:  Hip doing great, now I need to shed some pounds.
Flights:  Dayton Ohio trip with Rob to visit Steve and a chance to fly a Stearman.  Mary and I did our first dog rescue flight for the Mid-Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (MAESSR) to Hanover, VA.
Notes: I did get the M1 Loran out and the garmin 496 installed this year, it makes flying so much safer having wx and GPS back up.

2011 Goals
Hours: At least 150 and I hope to make total time of 700 hours
Ratings:  Commercial and add a tailwheel endorsement
Airports: As many as possible. I would like to visit Jeff out in Champaign, IL  (KCMI).  I would love to finally land on grass too.
States: As many as possible.
Flights: Mary and I want to fly to the Florida Keys, and a visit to my brother and sister-in-laws new home in Jupiter Florida. Mackinac Island is very high on the list along with a weekend get-away back to Niagra Falls. Nashville is still high on the list too.  So many places, so little time.

Aircraft Upgrades:  Get the autopilot fixed! During this years annual Cecil Aero pulled the roll servo and Penn Avionics agreed to bench test it, it was working fine.  By having the servo checked while the floor was opened up saved many $$$.


Steve said...

Wow, you rocked 2010 out! This sure shows what owning an airplane can do for your hours logged - congrats, man.

Best of luck in 2011, I'm sure it'll be another awesome year in the skies for you and Mary.

Gary said...

Thanks Steve! We have some big trips we shall see.

Have fun on your trip tomorrow,even if it is work.

2011 will be a great year for you and Gina too.....that's right, tie the knot...counting the days I'm sure. :)

Chris said...

Gary - A very successful year!

I'd be willing to bet you could knock out that taildragger endorsement and a landing on grass in the same trip. I don't get to land on grass as often as I did in MI, but there is nothing better than landing on well-maintained grass. Next summer, consider taking your bride to 71N for ice cream...very nice grass strip in Sunbury, PA.

Gary said...

Chris, I'll look that one up. I think that is the island strip if I remember right. Thanks for the heads up.

Chris said...

Gsry - That's the one!

Unknown said...

Gr8 Recap of 2010... WHEN u make it to FL, let me know ... The keys are like my backyard... Happy to volunteer as a tour guide!