Saturday, November 05, 2011

POA Dinner

Me, Mary, Adam, Tam, Gary S, Anthony, Jennifer
Anthony from Pilots of America (POA) posted;

"Its been a while since the Wings FlyBQ, and a while since we've gotten together as a group. Anybody interested in meeting for drinks/dinner in King of Prussia or somewhere relatively central for us? Spouses included."

This sounded like a fun get-together so Mary and I responded that we would attend.

We had started our day with a nice ride south to Helen's Sausage House, a local favorite. I have made the stop on many occasions while heading to work at our Delaware Airpark facility or the Lewes Ferry facility. This would be Mary's first stop. The ride south was gorgeous, finally getting a chance to enjoy the fall colors since our Halloween snow fall.
The food was great! We couldn't finish our sandwiches so we saved them for tomorrow's breakfast. Mary and I purchased five pounds of raw sausage to take home so we could give some to Mom and her Uncle Reds. Full tummy's for both of us and we were ready to head back home. We made one additional stop at Willey's Farm Market and of course we brought some new holiday decorations home with us.
Once home we putzed around for a bit.  I decided to stop stalling and take my two tests for my Wilmington University courses and Mary took a nap. We were up, showered and dressed to go by 5:30 for the dinner run to King of Prussia and the Rock Bottom Brewery.
We ran into construction traffic on the way, but sat it out and kept on course. When we finally arrived at the mall I found a parking spot in the first row, no good deed goes unpunished. I made a quick call to Adam Z to find out where this place was located in the mall and he talked us in. About that no good deed, well that great parking spot was on the opposite side of the mall from our destination, you can tell how much I shop at that mall, or any for that matter.

We were seated quickly and our food and drink order was served in very short order, impressive. Dinner was great, conversation even better.  The ladies decided to send the men to one end of the table so we could talk airplane stuff while they gathered at the other end to chat about who knows what.

Great call Anthony! We had a fun night out with friends and we look forward to the next get-together.


Warren said...

You should have stopped by and picked up a dozen eggs from
"The Girls" while you were down this way. Would have gone great with the left overs. :)


Gary said...

Yep, that's not a bad idea. Helens sausage was just as good the next day.