Monday, January 27, 2020

Errands and Spinner Polish

Canceled Flight, Errands, and Hangar Time

I had plans to meet up with my friend Dave at the Cape May Airport, but, he had to cancel last minute for a business issue.  I get it, we'll schedule another time to meet up, maybe even this week.

Since Mary is down with her back acting up I made sure she was squared away and the Ziva princess taken care off.  My two favorite ladies were staying in bed, one with a heating pad and the other (Ziva Princess) curled up on her new bed with an added gel pad.  
I had made a few deals overnight, the first selling my Clarity Aloft Headset to a fellow BAC member. 

I decided to sell the headset and immediately make an offer on an eight month old iPad mini 5 for the same price to another BAC member. The iPad owner also had the new RAM bracket for the mini 5 so I purchased that too. 
I shipped the headset out this morning and I just received an email with tracking info on my iPad mini 5. 

To The Airport

After finishing up at Staples for shipping my package, I headed to the Airport. As directed by the man who does my detailing on 3 Tango Charlie, I purchased Blue Magic Metal polish. My plan was to finish with the spinner polish.   
The product really has a strong chemical odor but it works really well.  Easy on and off, even for my arthritic shoulders. The final product looked great and that chore is complete.
Next up on my to-do list is a belly wash.  There is some hydraulic fluid residue from the parking brake that was leaking and I want to get the belly looking spotless once again.

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