Sunday, January 05, 2020

Destinations for 2020

I have made similar posts over the years but this year seems to hold a bit more meaning.  This post was initiated by my bride, that's right, Mary suggested we make a list of places we want to explore. So let's get to it, in no particular order, our list.

New Adventures

Boston, MA
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Fremont NH
Bar Harbor, ME
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Charleston, SC
Jekyll Island, GA
Singer Island, FL
Destin, FL
Mackinac, MI
Blacksburg, VA

Return Trips

Myrtle Beach SC
Key West, FL
Nags Head, NC
Williamsburg/Newport News VA
Blacksburg, VA

Lets dig into the 'New' list first. Mary and I have been to Cape Cod and used that as a take off point to explore Nantucket. This time we would like to land near Boston, specifically, Norwood - KOWD. We will finally get to visit family, and our friends Mike B and Kim.  This may also serve as a jump off point for a day at Martha's Vineyard, Lord knows I don't want to overnight there (insert cash register sound...kaaa..ching!). The Boston run can take on a few different spins.  We would also like to finally get to visit our friends Adam B and Jeanine, and meet their little man Declan. So lets add KLWM into mix and a short drive to Freemont NH.  We would plan for some time away to make all the stops necessary to complete this mission, we may even need a four day get-away at Bar Harbor to recover before pointing for home. 

We have had Niagara Falls on our list, not that this would be a new place for us, but a new way to get there. Last time we drove, this time we would fly into Canada or into KIAG and make the short drive across the border. 

Early Fall would be the time to plan for traveling south. Mary and I want explore Charleston SC.  Also on the list is Jekyll Island GA, so we will work that four day get-away into the schedule.

Fall and winter will also be a great time to push a bit farther south.  Singer Island FL has been on our list since we had the Sundowner. Our reservations from January 2014 were snowed out so I spent that extended weekend shoveling snow. Not Cool. 

We have given some thought to returning to Gulf Shores but we both wanted to try someplace new along the gulf coast. Destin FL seems like a place we read a lot about so we both agreed to add it to our list. 

It seems I missed Mackinac,MI this has also been on our list of places to visit, but, its definitely a summer trip. While exploring Michigan we would also like to visit our friends Jeff and Lori who are along the way, located south of Grand Rapids. 

The 'Return Trip' list is a bit shorter but still just as fun. Nags Head, one of our favorites, and Myrtle Beach are always great for a weekend get-away. Williamsburg is also a short hop and we love meeting up with our friend Susan and catching a show at the Ferguson Center in Newport News. 

We have been to Keys twice, well once for Key West and one time to Marathon, although we drove to Key West from there for a day trip. I think Mary and I both love Key West.  We followed fellow blogger Geoff's suggestion and we will return to the Sheraton Key West at Smathers beach. Great beach access, shuttle that runs all day providing access to great food and entertainment downtown.

The last entry on each list is Blacksburg, VA. I should add we haven't been there yet, but, with our friends Candy and Mark from Texas moving there, we will be making frequent trips back and forth. 

So we have a list, now we need to get the plane back online. I am still waiting to have the parking brake valve serviced. Another post is in the works for the repair.

I think Mary is just as excited as I am about getting back to traveling and exploring new places. I am looking forward to more videos and blog posts, taking our readers along for the adventure.  Time to Spare...Go by Air, the next chapter, is about to get started.


Adam said...

Ya know if your going to Mackinac you are not far at all from 6Y9er, plan the trip around their labor day flyin and you won’t be disappointed.

Jim and Sandie said...

Lots of fun and good times in your future.

TangoWhiskey said...

What Adam said above! We have Destin on our list too.

Gary said...


Neither Mary or I are into camping, four wheeling, or the after party stuff. We would love to see our flying friends just not in that setting. It doesn't work for us. We do appreciate the heads up!

Gary said...

Jim and Sandie,

We sure hope so!

Gary said...


We have read so much about Destin, looking forward to spending beach time there. We gave some thought about returning to Gulf Shores, loved the place we stayed and the beach but the food around the area didn't do much for us. Besides, it's always fun to go someplace new.

Bryan said...

When you get to FL, let me know. Me and Mrs can meet you guys where you are for lunch. Would be nice to meet you all.

Anonymous said...

Naturally hope you make Boston, we would love for that to happen